Have you ever heard the term “wabi sabi”? Probably you’ve been hearing it in a video on Facebook of those that teach you how to live better, or perhaps in a post about marketing strategies…

But what does it really mean? And how does it influence the decoration of your house? Find out looking at these pictures and reading to understand the philosphy behind them.

The Japanese concept “wabi sabi” refers to “the beauty of the imperfect” or rather, the art of finding beauty in simple or unfinished objects, in uncomplicated environments. It’s an aesthetic philosophy that claimed the authenticity of some things, with their flaws and scratches, as a symbol of the passing of time and the relationships that we establish in our life with some objects.

wabisabi1Photo: Labliau

Wabi sabi looks for the essential. Its favorite objects are useful, beautiful and “emotional”. If you like it and you want to bring this philosophy to the decor, keep in mind that wabi sabi is not exactly a look, but one objective or a lifestyle: your home is your refuge, a simple and quiet place, without distraction or clutter. People living in the house is the most important question.

wabisabi2Via: Elle Decoration UK. Photo: Wichmann + Bendtsen

When decorating, focus on things that are beautiful for being unique, simplified and learn to choose just what you need. Think mainly on people who live in the house. Choose furniture, objects and fabrics made with natural materials and use only natural colors (very very important).

wabisabi3Photo: http://lovewarriors.se

A wabi sabi home is primarily an exercise in simplicity and it will be appreciated more and more over time prozac drug. We will shortly post more tips about wabi sabi philosophy. Meanwhile, we can look at our house with different eyes… See you soon!

wabisabi4Via: Pinterest