Anything new: Cushions can update a room even if furniture is not changed. So that is one of the most effective and affordable ways to redecorate a space.

Combining cushions, is a matter of style. You can try and try until you achieve the desired effect. If cushions are ready made, you can choose them in the store or take them home and return if they are not suitable. If you are going to order, ask for a sample and check the design and colour results at home.

The best advice: Cushions should make you happy and be comfortable, if you know what you like, trust your heart, then surely you will be right!


Just remember: there are 3 keys: Colour + Design + Placement.

Colour: Of course, there are no fixed rules. You can combine two or three colours, even more, but always basing it on one. Choose one colour that exists in the room, on the carpet or in a picture that you like, it does not need to be the dominant colour in the room.



Here we have two examples of using a black base in the combination of cushions. On the first one, black is the predominant colour in the room. On the second one, black combines with blue (predominant in the room) and yellow. Via: Tumblr and

Design: Combine patterns and plain cushions to achieve balance. If you like to mix different patterns, it will be easier if you stay in one colour range. A trick that always works is to keep the patterns proportional.

 This picture shows an easy way to combine different patterns: to stay in the same palette and respect the scale in the drawings.

cushions3 Photo: H&M Home.

Textures are also important. You can mix different fabrics: linen, velvet, wool, cotton… Remember, you don’t only see cushions, you feel them ….

cushions4Via: Pinterest

Placement: It is certainly an art and a question of both inspiration and “trial and error”. You can place cushions in layers, with the largest at the back, and play with sizes. Remember to make room to sit!

For an eclectic style, odd numbers work. If your sofa is three seats, choose five different cushions keeping the colour palette.


If you want a more traditional effect then play with symmetry and even numbers. For example, two large cushions at the ends with two smaller in front.

Fabrics by Serendipity Fabrics

Get inspired: Create a board on Pinterest or save clipping from magazines. They will give you ideas of combinations that can work at home. Take a photo on your mobile of your living room and sofa before you go shopping.

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