The “Wow Factor” applies to many areas, and is especially interesting in interior design. This happens when you go into a house, hotel or any room and exclaim “Wow!”… But defining the concept remains difficult. The wow effect has nothing to do with glitter, ostentation or splurge. It’s more about surprise, feelings or personality. It is not related to money or how wonderful the house is. The proof: Have you ever been in a house with amazing architecture or wonderful views, decorated in such a way that destroys the wow effect?

Huge lamps multiplies the wow effect in this dining room. Via: Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Without personality there is no wow effect. Houses decorated without personality are those that resemble each other or those that are only functional. And your house will be predictable and monotonous if it is “furnished” from any one single store, be that IKEA or an expensive brand. The good news is that personality is not about money, so it never appears on a budget.

Here are five real ways to get the wow effect in a room:

Artwork. Turning a piece of artwork into the center of attention is an infallible way to achieve the wow effect. Display it without having to compete with the color of walls, furniture or decorative objects. Your piece of artwork will attract all eyes on an all-white wall.

The oil painting is from Kiran Dufault, a friend of the house owner. It stands out on the white wal. The two simple Ikea lockers are also white. Via: New York Times

Wallpaper. Wallpaper wastes personality. We don´t mean the patterns of little flowers or polka dots popular in grandmothers’ houses, but those of bigger designs, textured and with decorative force. With them, the wow effect is guaranteed.

  The wallpaper by NLXL makes us feel like we’re in a greenhouse. It´s distributed in Spain by Blasco & Blasco.

 Exceptional objects. Items created in series do not contribute much to the wow effect. Decoration gains interest with exotic finds brought from travels (souvenirs are not worth), street markets finds, family inheritances… With unconventional things that tell a story.

Here you will not find a single conventional object… Via: Pinterest

 Painting. This is a good way to achieve the wow effect and a refreshing solution for walls and furniture. It’s like magic at an affordable price. However, finding the right color requires effort, documentation and perhaps proffesional advice. Pinterest can help you select the color and give you an idea of ​​the final result.

The green wall makes more interesting this living room. A courageous and wise decision by Ann Lowengart

Plants and flowers. The goal is to bring nature inside. Flowers and plants have enormous decorative appeal and improve our mood, so always achieve the wow effect. Play with scale, the current trend requires large indoor plants, even trees, such as Fiddle-leaf fig.

A big Fiddle-leaf fig gets a huge wow effect. Via: Apartament Therapy

 Of course, these views have the wow effect, but decoration can do it in any room in your home. A good example is this children’s room below. Some shelves that cover the entire wall showing colorful children’s books and achieve a “Wow”.