All you need to know before buying sofa covers or ordering a new sofa:

Its role in the decor. The perception of sofa covers has changed drastically. No longer are chosen by a mere functional reason, but are a clear choice of style that marks the decor. If you look in magazines, you’ll notice more and more decorators choosing covers for sofas because they like the attitude they transmit, more relaxed and less rigid.

sofa_brigitte_blasco&blascoSofa Brigitte from Blasco&Blasco with green linen cover.
Decorated by Marta de la Rica.

Its versatility. As we saw in our previous post “10 sofas with linen covers in 10 different styles”, a sofa with a cover fits any style: from the most refined or contemporary to shabby chic. Why not include sofa covers in a classic decor? Precisely the mix gives a personality to the decor. And while a white sofa cover evoke a holiday home or a beach house, a cover made from a Belgian linen in a dark color will be really sophisticated. In addition, if you order two covers in different colors or patterns you can change the sofa as you wish …

sofa_odeon_blasco&blascoLuisa Olázabal has included a sofa with cover from Blasco&Blasco in a classic salon.

Types of sofa covers. In the first place we must distinguish between the sofas that are designed or orderer with a cover, without having upholster underneath, but a special fabric for upholstery. In this case, the cover will fit perfectly because the manufacturer has the “patterns”. If in the future you want to revamp the cover, you can order to directly to the manufacturer, indicating the model. In second place, there are the covers made to measure for an already upholsterd sofa, for its protection, renovation or updating it. In this case, the upholsterer cuts the fabric to fit the model and the result depends on his skills, although depending on the design of the sofa, the cover fits more or less to its form (the straighter the sofa, the more the cover can be adjusted to its shape). Finally, there are standardized covers, not tailor made. These covers are elastic or loose on the sofa. The main advantage of this type of covers for sofas is that they are cheaper. Obviously, their disadvantage is that they don’t fit exactly or not hold their shape on the sofa.

dossofas_blasco&blascoTwo sofas with covers from Blasco&Blasco in a living room decorated by Victoria Melián. Photo: Elle Decor

Fabrics. With regards to which would be the best fabric to make the sofa covers, it works the same as that with clothing (a T-shirt can be very nice but if its quality is not good, after a couple of washes it will be very spoiled). So the quality of the fabric is key. Note that besides being beautiful, the fabric must withstand frequent washing and long use without shrinking, peeling or fading This doesn´t mean you should choose a hard fabric. We return to the example of clothing: you look better in a dress with natural fall than in a rigid one… For example, cotton or linen, with its natural stretch, adapt to the curves of the sofa and fit neatly into the corners. In our next post, we will see what to consider when choosing a fabric for sofa covers.

Pros and cons. Why choose a sofa with covers or order a cover for your sofa? The first reason is because you like its look casual and inviting. Abandon the idea if you prefer a polished and perfect style or if you don’t like to see some wrinkles on the sofa. The other major reason for choosing sofa covers is cleanliness. Who doesn’t like to feel the freshness of a washed cloth? In any case, with children or pets a cover should be almost compulsory, as in heavily used sofas. Can you imagine not being able to wash your jeans for years? Don’t forget to check if the cover is machine washable or must be dry cleaned.

Sofa covers for Blasco & BlascoSofa Brigitte from Blasco&Blasco with white cover in a living room decorated by M&F Deco.