The covers for armchairs or sofas have been there, as an aesthetic and practical element, for several centuries. But few decades ago the Belgian Axel Vervoordt, one of the best interior designers in the world, incorporate it definitely at the universe of high decoration.

sillonconfundaArmchair with cover in a project by Maria Prado. Via:

The slipcovers are not limited only to sofas. Think in covers for armchairs, ottomans, headboards, stools… Look closely at the photos of this post. We have chosen precisely examples of linen slipcovers not for sofas. And look at the style they give to any decor!

fundaslinosillasLinen covers in the dining chairs. Via: Pinterest

The covers are used in Europe since the Middle Ages. Originally they were used to protect the most precious furniture in closed rooms for a long time. But in the eighteenth century the aristocracy and rich bourgeoisie with holiday homes found that these covers for armchairs or sofas, in linen or cotton, were much cooler and breathable than the heavy upholstery they protected. So they decided not to remove. Slipcovers began to coordinate with curtains and other decorative elements and decorated with trimming and pleats following the decoration trends of the moment.

granpufffundalinoOttoman with linen cover matching with sofas. Via: House Beautiful

The covers for armchairs and sofas in châteaux

In the French châteaux slipcovers for sofas and armchairs used to be made of toile de Jouy, the same material used (perhaps obsessively) in curtains, walls, bedspreads… In Victorian times in England, a new style of slipcovers, looser and less tight, became fashionable, probably as solution to the problem that the linen used then stretched with the heat and humidity in the summer and shrank in the cold and dry winter. Today this style is known as Shabby Chic, but fortunately we’re no longer living in Victorian times and now we have pre-washed and pre-shrunk linens… Remember that the success of the slipcovers lies in choosing a high quality linen or cotton.

Covers for armchairsArmachairs Juliette with ottomans by Blasco & Blasco and B&B Collection. Via: Nuevo Estilo

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