A well-decorated house maintains its appeal for a long time. This house, which had remained unchanged for the last 20 years, was aging beautifully. However, the owners realized that it was time to renovate some details to keep it looking as magnificent as ever.

Claudia Güell and Silvia López-Madrid, from Estudio Akebia, were in charge of renovating with success the house. The main points of action were to gain light, modernize the textiles, and update some finishes and furniture.

renovating with successThe symmetry of the living area is almost perfect. Several sofas and armchairs have been placed around the fireplace. The two Blasco sofas have convenient slipcovers. An ostrich feathered lamp, from A Modern Grand Tour, catches everyone’s eye.

renovating with successThe owners possess a large collection of contemporary art. When renovating the house, the placement of each piece has been carefully chosen to really make them stand out. Behind the sofa, a painting by Manolo Valdés. In the glass porch, hangs a work by Anke Blaue.

The color palette is one of the keys to the project. The walls were painted in off-white to highlight the art, while the upholstery uses trendy colors, such as the blue-green of the linen slipcovers of the sofas, from Serendipity Fabrics. On the left, a pop work by Tom Wesselmann. The painting on the right is by Anglada Camarasa. In the dining room, a work by Franz Ackermann.

Via: Nuevo Estilo