Porches are transitional spaces, halfway between indoor and outdoor areas. All of them are wonderful when good weather arrives! If the area is well protected from the inclemency of the weather, like rain and direct sun, the porch decoration can include some indoor furniture. There are a few basic rules to follow which will avoid unwanted consequences:

Porch Decoration. Sofas by Blasco & BlascoA poolside porch decorated by Melian Randolph. Sofas by Blasco & Blasco with covers made of outdoor fabric. Via: Nuevo Estilo

  1. The indoor furniture should never be exposed to rain or direct sunlight. We are speaking about covered and well protected porches.
  2. Indoor furniture under outdoor conditions suffers intense wear, mainly by sunlight and ambient humidity. You have to be very proactive in order to care and protect the furniture, applying periodic treatments and watching every sign of wear.
  3. The wood must be protected by a special product for outdoor use. Treatment should be repeated periodically, even in the most resistant woods such as teak or oak.

porchesofablasco2In this holiday home in Lille (France), the porch is covered with glass and heather, and equipped with furniture found in flea markets and a large sofa with cover.
Via: maisoncreative.com

  1. Lacquered wood should not be used on a porch because it can not be protected with exterior varnish.
  2. The treatment includes the wood that cannot be seen… In the case of an indoor sofa, we must carefully protect the wood of its structure. Note that the manufacturer not designed it for outdoor use so the structure is not made with waterproof wood.
  3. Metal furniture should also be protected with varnish or resistant outdoor paints, including the metal parts of the structures of sofas or armchairs.

porchesofablasco3Interior designer Ruth Duke planned this porch as an extension of the living room. The furniture combining indoor and outdoor pieces. Via: I Love Bokkie

  1. After just a short time, normal fabrics are vulnerable to discoloration and deterioration when exposed to sunlight or high humidity conditions. For porch decoration, use only outdoor fabrics that resist dampness, do not deteriorate and not decolorate with sunlight.
  2. To sofas and armchairs, the best option are covers in washable outdoor fabrics. Today we are fortunate to have many possibilities of outdoor fabrics, with a very nice touch, absolutely natural look, in a lot of colors and prints.
  3. The filling of the cushions is also exposed to the conditions of the porch: Over time, dampness can seep into the inner foam even if it is covered with a waterproof fabric. That causes bad odor and mold. The solution is to wipe them periodically, either putting them inside or bringing them to the sun every two days.
  4. In winter, if the porch can not be closed, better to keep the furniture in an interior space.

porchesofablasco4Axel Vervoordt created this garden lounge on a porch with arches. The porch decoration combines antiques, plants and one of his iconic sofas with linen cover. Via: thedecorista.com