Great Interior Designers in Love with Linen Covers (II)

In a previous post we started this series on major international decorators that have led sofas, chairs and other furniture with linen covers to the High Decoration, starting with Axel Vervoordt, of course. Now is the turn of two more interior designers with very, very different styles, but they could [...]

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Great Interior Designers in Love with Linen Covers (I)

Axel Vervoordt introduced to the word the sofas and armchairs with Belgian linen covers a few decades ago. Since then they are present in homes around the world and many great decorators have incorporated linen covers into their DNA (some have even launched their own collections of furniture with covers). [...]

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How to Arrange a Living Room in 10 Steps

For some people decoration is a pleasure, a hobby. They usually have good taste and a natural talent for arranging furniture in a living room, bedroom or kitchen, achieving an orderly and harmonious result. For other people, the fact of arranging their furniture is a challenge and doubts arise just [...]

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