How to Arrange a Living Room in 10 Steps

For some people decoration is a pleasure, a hobby. They usually have good taste and a natural talent for arranging furniture in a living room, bedroom or kitchen, achieving an orderly and harmonious result. For other people, the fact of arranging their furniture is a challenge and doubts arise just [...]

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Living Room: How to Arrange Sofas and Armchairs

Search in your favorite interior design magazines or websites and you would struggle to find a living room that have a sofa with two armchairs that are part of a set or one of those sets 3 + 2 (three-seater sofa + loveseat). Of course, anyone will become a genius [...]

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Chesterfield Sofa: More Alive than Ever

Few things are as English as a Chesterfield sofa. Chesterfield refers to a style, not a brand. It is mainly recognized by two characteristics: back and rounded arms with the same height, and padded upholstery (these buttons sewn with a geometric form). Traditionally Chesterfield sofa was made of leather, but [...]

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