Decorating with Linen Fabric

Formerly, linen fabric was reserved for towels, tablecloths and sheets, which were kept as family treasures. But a few years ago this ancient fabric "came out of the closet" to decorate each corner of the house in the form of curtains, upholstery, cushions, covers... Its success is assured because, in [...]

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How to decorate the bathroom

Decorate the bathroom as if it were a “living room”, might seem extravagant but it provides extra comfort and its effect is always "wow"... The bookcase under the bathtub, the carpet and the Blasco & Blasco armchair achieve that effect "living room" in this bathroom decorated by Leticia Martín. Via: [...]

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How to Add Colour in Interior Design

A fashion stylist once told me that if I don’t know what to wear for an evening event, the best option is to dress in black and use a lot of make-up... The opposite is the case in decoration: when anybody does not know how to “dress” the house , [...]

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