The ‘Wow Effect’ in decoration

The "Wow Factor" applies to many areas, and is especially interesting in interior design. This happens when you go into a house, hotel or any room and exclaim "Wow!”... But defining the concept remains difficult. The wow effect has nothing to do with glitter, ostentation or splurge. It’s more about [...]

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Chaise longue’s styles

The chaise longue made its way from French bedrooms to our living rooms, and today it has even reached the entrances of our houses. It has never abandoned their decadent air, but it has modified its design. Its main advantage lies in its versatility. A chaise longue can accommodate two [...]

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A Green Living Room: Color of the Year

Why a green living room? Every year, Pantone selects a color to represent trends that mark our global culture. "Greenery" has been chosen as color of the year 2017. According to Pantone experts, Greennery is Nature´s neutral... Green represents new beginnings, the rebirth of Nature. Greenery satisfies our desire to [...]

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