Living Room: How to Arrange Sofas and Armchairs

Search in your favorite interior design magazines or websites and you would struggle to find a living room that have a sofa with two armchairs that are part of a set or one of those sets 3 + 2 (three-seater sofa + loveseat). Of course, anyone will become a genius [...]

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Chesterfield Sofa: More Alive than Ever

Few things are as English as a Chesterfield sofa. Chesterfield refers to a style, not a brand. It is mainly recognized by two characteristics: back and rounded arms with the same height, and padded upholstery (these buttons sewn with a geometric form). Traditionally Chesterfield sofa was made of leather, but [...]

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Bogolan: a Fascinating African Fabric

We have seen several ethnic fabrics in this blog, and today we will talk about a wonderful African fabric: the bogolan or mud cloth. Throughout the entire world and for thousands of years, humans have developed different fabrics using materials from their environment, creating patterns that reflected their myths and [...]

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More about Belgian Decor

In our last post we told about the big success of the modern Belgian decor (or rather, Flemish decor). This style is often seen in international interior design magazines or in precious “cofee table books” and has global influence, but is uknown by the majority of people. Living room decorated by [...]

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