A retro and glamorous living room decorated by Living Pink.

Parisian, sophisticated, feminine and vintage, this space belonging to a Madrid apartment where iconic-twentieth-century-furniture, well-chosen antiques, contemporary photographs and a sample of retro lamps (always golden!) combine to perfection.

decoratingwithfabricsfeb1Screen behind the sofa, Jon Urgoiti . Sofa, Blasco & Blasco. Sofa cover made of linen, Blasco & Blasco 

decoratingwithfabricsfeb2Above the fireplace , tortoiseshell from Galapagos.

decoratingwithfabricsfeb3Coffee table made of parchment, Jon Urgoiti . Sofa of the fifties, El Ocho.

decoratingwithfabricsfeb4Chandelier found in LA. Studio. Chairs, Slou . Table designed by Living Pink.

Photos: Nuevo Estilo Magazine.