We are in Madrid, in a recently renovated villa from the 70s. The goal was transforming a dark and very compartmentalized house into a house with bright, airy and open spaces. Interior designer Luis Puerta has been in charge of achieving this result with the reform and the design of the new environments. He has put his very recognizable stamp in every room.

At the entrance, a Gustavian bench from Mestizo Store contrasts with the Martín Chirino sculpture placed on a pedestal.

open spacesIn the living room we find a pair of sofas from Blasco that share space with two Louis XVI armchairs. The painting is a work from Juan Vallejo.

The two identical sofas wear linen covers, also from Blasco. The rug is a design by Luis Puerta, as are the coffee tables made of metal and repurposed wood.

A good example of the open spaces that have been created in the house after the reform is the view of the dining room. A round table, dressed in fabrics, has been paired with some Gustavian chairs. At the landing, an ancient table holds other sculpture by Javier León.

Via: Nuevo Estilo