In our last post we told about the big success of the modern Belgian decor (or rather, Flemish decor). This style is often seen in international interior design magazines or in precious “cofee table books” and has global influence, but is uknown by the majority of people.

decoracion_interiores_1Living room decorated by Vincent Van Duysen. Via: Elle Decor

In the last post we saw some keys of modern Belgian decor, now we are going to see five tips to give any room a touch of Belgian design:

Think in linen! Belgians are experts in linen, they adore it. Use linen in curtains, upholstery, pillows, bedding, slipcovers…

decoracion_interiores_3Via: Blasco & Blasco

The slipcovers are not only for the sofa or the living room. Certainly the most definitive element of Belgian decor are the covers, usually made of linen and covering sofas, armchairs, chairs, headboards, ottomans…

decoracion_interiores_4Bedroom decorated by Axel Verwoordt. Via:

A good way to incorporate these “old” elements that we discussed in the previous post are fabrics. Look for vintage textiles and when it is not possible, choose fabrics inspired by old designs, such as French flour sacks or vintage mattress fabrics.

The decorative items must also build contrast. For example, place a very bourgeois chandeliers on a rustic table. It is best to search out and capture these precious or unusual objects in flea markets or auction houses.

belgian decorVia: De Beukenhof

The same formula applies to furniture. Wonderful antiques will be next to a rustic chair and a design lamp. Beautiful, sophisticated, humble… Remember: balance is the key in Belgian decor.