A master bedroom with sitting area is like an immediate upgrade for your own bedroom. Whether you have a lot of space or just a corner, we want to give you ideas to choose sofas and armchairs for the bedroom and create step by step a beautiful space that is functional for seating and lounging.

sillonesdormitorio1The room has allowed the Estudio Melian Randolph to create different areas, with an end of bed bench, a small desk instead of the bedside table and the chaise longue Liberty by Blasco & Blasco next to the window. Via: New Style

Step 1: Asses your space

The first thing to do is to place the furniture you already have. Then appreciate how much extra space you have and measure your bedroom. Now think about the seating arrangement and the type of furniture you’d like to include.

sillonesdormitorio2When there is not much space, one armchair (this one is the model Nadia by Blasco & Blasco) can allow you to create an area where you can sit with your laptop or get dressed without messing up the made bed. Via: El Mueble

Most of us would love to have a sofa, a chaise longue and a full sitting area in the master bedroom, next to a bay window with a view of the ocean, but it is not always possible… However, an armchair in a corner can also work wonders. In tight master bedrooms consider replacing one bedside table with a small armchair.

sillonesdormitorio3Why not a sofa at the end of the bed? In this long and narrow bedroom a sofa creates a cozy sitting area and enriches the decor. Via: Cottage & Gardens.

Step 2: Choose the furniture

Sofas, chaises longues or a pair of armchairs are magnificent (even necessary) in large bedrooms. An small armchair, low chair or bench work perfectly in the smaller bedrooms.

sillonesdormitorio4An end of bed bench (in this case are two banquettes Austin by Blasco & Blasco) is perfect to sit when dressing or put cushions and bedding when bedtime. Project by 2M&S. Via: New Style

When choosing sofas and armchairs for a master bedroom with sitting area also value the use you want to give it. Are you looking for a comfortable armchair to sit down with the laptop to check emails? A chaise longue to read away from the noise of a house with children? A bench where put your shoes without messing up the made bed every morning? A complete seating area where the family can spend time before bedtime? Or a pair of armchairs where you can chat with your partner? Space and function determine the furniture to choose.

sillonesdormitorio5A sitting area for two where you can chat, lounge or watch TV. This is a project of the interior designer Debbie Talianko. Via: HGTV

Step 3: Choose seating that compliments the bed

Decor is a matter of taste, but remember that the bed always marks the style in a master bedroom. The sofas and armchairs should match with it in color, material and design. To get a beautiful bedroom with sitting area, the entire room must be treated like one ensemble.

sillonesdormitorio6Large bedrooms not only allow a sitting area but also require it. This centenary mill was restored and decorated by Estudio Laminter. In the master bedroom, designers arranged two sitting areas: the sofa along the wall and the armchair Jones by Blasco & Blasco next to the window. Via: New Style