The story of this Madrid penthouse involves a wide range of female personalities. Its current owner bought it in love with its magnificent terrace. For the interior design she contacted with María Santos, in whose studio work only women.

Located on one of the main avenues of the capital, the penthouse had the virtue of catching Madrid’s fascinating natural light. This quality has been reinforced with an elegant and feminine vibe. During the renovation, all the details and finishes were specially pampered. Now soft neutrals dominate the house, with pops of navy blue for punctuation. The furniture includes contemporary pieces, designer elements, antiques and carefully chosen works of art.

elegant and feminine vibeThe central area of ​​the living room is used as a seating and relaxation area. A large sofa with a white linen cover custom made from Blasco centers the space. The pair of coffee tables are a design of the interior designer and are made of lacquered metal.

From the confortable sofa you can enjoy the view of the terrace as well as the marble fireplace. This element is original of the house and was preserved during the reform. To the left of this area, there is a work area equipped with an oak desk by Sine Nomine, which enhances the elegant and feminine vibe throughout the house.

The dominant white in every room is contrasted by some touches of dark colors: the navy blue of the velvet chaise longue, the black of the table lamp and the floor lamp, the wood of the side table, an antique from Carina Casanovas Antiques, or the dark metal of the iconic Platner chair, edited by Knoll.

You can see the full report of this house in the Nuevo Estilo magazine.

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