Search in your favorite interior design magazines or websites and you would struggle to find a living room that have a sofa with two armchairs that are part of a set or one of those sets 3 + 2 (three-seater sofa + loveseat).

Of course, anyone will become a genius of interior design just reading a post. But with these ideas we can understand some keys following by decorators and get good results without suffering stress or disappointments.

Here you are six different options for arranging sofas and armchairs in the living room:

#1 One sofa + two armchairs


This is the most versatile option for living rooms of all sizes. If you choose a sofa and a pair of matching armchairs, you can arrange them in so many ways: the armchairs in front of the sofa (as pictured above), a chair on each side of the sofa, armchairs side-by-side making at right angle to the sofa…

Choose armchairs instead of a second sofa is also a way to add interest and functionality to the livin room. Interest because the armchairs allow us to use more daring upholsteries or more intense colors that may not fit with the size of a sofa. And functionality because the armchairs are easier to move.

In this living room, decorated by Luisa Olazábal, two armchairs XL, from Blasco & Blasco, are upholstered with a velvet fabric, in a bold color. And they can easily be turned over to the sofa or into the fireplace.

In small rooms, a sofa and two armchairs will make the space seem larger. If space is scarce, a sofa and one armchair can be enough to create a good seating area. Photo: Nuevo Estilo

#2 Two identical sofas


Two identical sofas are an option uncomplicated and very flexible. They can be placed face to face (if they are of different size it will be more complicated), making a right angle, even back to back to create two separate seating areas in a living room with space enough.

Leaves approximately 2.5 meters between if you put them opposing, this distance does not bother to step and allow the conversation. In this example, Beatriz Silveira placed two sofas Montana from Blasco & Blasco either side of the fireplace, natural focal point of the room. The coffee table fits the space and has a well proportioned size. Remember that symmetry always offer a sense of order. Photo: Casa Decor

#3 Two identical sofas + two different armchairs


A good option for large living rooms to get more seating places. The armchairs also help to delimit the seating area, creating an “island”.

If you place the sofas and armchairs symmetrically you get a more formal result. In this case, the asymmetric distribution gives the room a casual style. The pair of three-seater sofas, by Blasco & Blasco, are placed making a 90-degree angle. The two small armchairs are different but both of the same Acapulco style, and they can be moved easily when necessary. Other auxiliary furniture, like stools or side tables, complete the area, framed by the carpet. Photo: Nuevo Estilo

#4 Two different sofas + two equal armchairs


Make your living room earn interest with different sofas. This living room play games with the contrast: straight-curved, contemporary-retro ….

The key to avoiding the effect “hodgepodge” is to balance the elements and combine them through a carpet large enough, as seen in this case. The white and rounded sofa  (Brigitte by Blasco & Blasco) coexists happily with the golden yellow and straight sofa by Batik Interiores and with a pair of retro Italian armchairs. Photo: Nuevo Estilo

#5 One sofa + four armchairs

Living room: sofas and armchairs

In very large living rooms all kinds of combinations can be created with several pieces. But do it successfully can be a challenge. To begin with, analyzes how you use the living room and how many people use it. Later decide how many pieces you need and what type. Finally set the focal point (may be a fireplace, the views from the windows…).

When arranging many pieces, as in this room decorated by María Prado, always start with the biggest one, the sofa. Here is oriented toward the windows. The interior designer has accompanied the sofa with four similar armchairs, not identical, in different colors. Both chairs and sofa are dressed with linen covers (all them by Blasco & Blasco). Everything forms an island framed by a large rug.

Note that furniture is not pushed back against the walls. This way the traffic through the living room is around the seating area, not through it. Photo: María Prado

# 6 Four armchairs


Why not? In a medium-sized living room that is not used to watch TV, four armchairs facing each other will create a perfect area for conversation and small meetings with friends. It´s an intimate, friendly and unconventional choice, which allows four people comfortably enjoy the fireplace. The coffee table provides services to the four armchairs. Photo: Better Homes

A good tip: Help yourself with a virtual room planner, applications that you can download in many cases for free. You can include the measures of your living room and then add sofas and armchairs to see the result.