The houses of American stars are always awsome (although behind closed doors, some are… horrendous). However, we have set in five celebrities who, with or without the help of an interior home designer, show exquisite taste. All these houses have something in common: In the living room there is a linen slipcovered sofa (which shows that celebrities with good taste are also practical…).

Julia Roberts’s penthouse in Manhattan

The actress bought this breathtaking penthouse (modest by the American celebrities standards) in 2010. The interior design is very New York-style: refined and sophisticated, but at the same time very cozy. In the living room we see a large line slipcovered sofa accompanied by two matching armchairs.


In addition to a large fireplace, the living room has access to a wonderful terrace overlooking the skyscrapers of New York, which makes this penthouse a privileged viewpoint. Do you like it? It is on sale…


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Ellen DeGeneres home in Beverly Hills

Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most popular American TV stars, is also well known for his passion for the properties (she is considered a “real estate-obsessed”). Anyway, Ellen has a great taste for decoration, even has published a book called “Home”, dedicated to interior design.


We like especially in this house, one of the best Los Angeles properties, its absolutely eclectic style: European antiques, works of Andy Warhol, Spanish colonial touches, African art, designs from the 50s… Our favorite room is the lounge, where the spotlight falls on two linen slipcovered sofas, which contrast with the small Bergère armchairs. Old textiles, sculptures and contemporary art complete this area around the fireplace.


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Caitlyn Jenner´s home in Malibu

This American socialite was until 2015 William Bruce Jenner, Olympic champion and father of the Kardashian family. If you want to know more about their history, you can look at Wikipedia.


Regarding her new life, Caitlyn recently decided to redesign the living room and master bedroom of his home in Malibu. The monochrome living room gives prominence to the sea and mountains views. In the center of the room, a linen slipcovered sofa and a large Moroccan carpet.


Same design in her bedroom, with light colors, clear spaces and a constant play of natural elements with others more sophisticated.

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Calvin Klein´s home in Miami

The designer, who is an American icon, has a weekend home that feels very… wabi sabi! Natural wood, tidy rooms, chosen objects and many natural elements play an important role More Help. In the living room, a couple of armchairs and a linen slipcovered sofa are in line with the whole environment of this villa.



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Meg Ryan’s home in Martha’s Vineyard

The actress has her holiday home in one of the most exclusive destinations in the US, Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts), a small island in the northern Atlantic coast, accessible only by sea or air. Meg is declared fan of home magazines and in this house has materialized many ideas (with the help of the New York-based interior designer Marsha Russell).


A neutral base and touches of purple give much personality to the decor. In line with the rest of the house, the living room, with a magnificent gabled roof, shows a mix of traditional and contemporary objects, with a high weight of natural elements: esparto carpets, wood and natural fabrics. There is linen in the linen slipcovered sofa, and also in chairs, bedding, courtains…


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