You can find many articles in magazines and Internet on ideas of sofas for small spaces. But how difficult it is to find some inspiration if you are looking for large sofas. However, there are many reasons to choose an extra long sofa: the comfort, the number of people who use it regularly, the large size of the room where the sofá will placed…

Large Sofas. Blasco & BlascoLiving rom decorated in a sophisticated rustic style by María Prado, with an extra long sofa model Brigitte by Blasco & Blasco, made up to 352 cm long.

As a rule, the standard length of a sofa does not usually exceed 210 centimeters, space enough to accommodate three people comfortably (up to four people with a size XS…). But some manufacturers offer large sofas, which seat four, five or even more people.

sofagrande2A extra-long sofá in a largeliving room. Via: Bloglovin

Those extra centimeters of the sofa not only give you more seating space, but also have a valuable decorative plus: if the sofa is by definition the most important piece of any room, an “oversized” sofá multiplies its aesthetic impact.

sofagrande3Contemporary and neutral, this extra long sofa is accompanied by a very long coffe table. Via: Dream House.

Keys when choosing large sofas

If you’re already thinking about a really large sofa, you should consider a couple of questions:

  1. The size of the room. Obviously, in a spacious living room of more than 50 square meters large sofas will be great for sure. But what if the room is not very big? Do you have to rennonce to an extra-long- sofa? Not necessarily, we can always play with scale and break the rules on size and proportions if we do well. A large living room sofa in a tight square meters room can create impact and make a statement. In this case the size of the armrests can help a lot. If they are bent or wide they will consume valuable space. The modern designs with thin or straight armrest can give more seating without changing the external dimensions of the sofa.

sofagrande4An extra long sofa allows space to be utilised to the full. Project Hickman Design Associates.

  1. How to put the sofa into the house. When thinking in extra.long sofas it is important to be sure about how to get it into the house. You should consider the size of the front door and same with the door in the room where you will place the sofa, check if the sofá can turn in the aisle, if some parts are removable to facilitate the task or … if a crane to raise it to the fifth floor will be required.

Large Sofas. Blasco & BlascoLiving room by Beatriz Silveira in a past edition of Casa Decor in Madrid. White extra long sofa by Blasco & Blasco.

Inspired by this portfolio of extra long sofas in different styles? Warning: an extra long sofa may cause extreme relaxation…

sofagrande6Living room in a family house designed by Estudio A-Cero.

sofagrande7Living room decorated in the traditional Belgian style. The extra long sofa is dressed with linen pillows. Via: Belgian Pearls