Great Interior Designers in Love with Linen Covers (III)

Here is the third post in the series we have dedicated to great international interior designers who never miss sofas and armchairs with linen covers in their projects.

5. John Saladino

Considered one of the world’s greatest interior designers, Saladino has shown that the fact that one was born in Missouri does not prevent you from being a master of decoration with European historical references.


Saladino interiors are timeless, a perfect mix of old and new. In fact, he is recognized as a pioneer in mixing antiques with modern elements, and simple objects with exceptional pieces, totally in line with Belgian interior design. In any case, his projects always surprise. As he explains: “When you walk into a room for the first time, it must raise your blood pressure.”

johnsaladino2Photos: Elle Decor

His furniture collection, Saladino Furniture Inc., includes dozens of original designs, some iconic, and a wide collection of sofas, chairs and other furniture with linen covers.

johnsaladino3Photo: House Beautiful

His book “Style by Saladino” is highly recommended. In its pages you will find the experience of this decorator with over 40-years career.

Curiosity: Saladino works all over the world, projecting from a palace in Kuwait to a house in a private Greek island, to a mansion in Palm Beach.

6. Greet Lefèvre

Certainly one of the highest Belgian interior designers, whose interiors faithfully represent the essence of the flamnco style decor.


Their houses are harmonious, timeless and elegant. Lefèvre has pedilection for simple, pure and craft decorative elements and avoid ostentation. She is also an expert in antiquities, that masterfully blends with contemporary elements and wonderful sofas and other pieces with linen covers.

Manor House in The Flemish Ardennes

To learn more about the work of Greet Lefèvre visit her website or, better yet, her blog, Belgian Pearls.

French Régence style paneling
Photos: Houzz

Curiosity: Greet and her husband run the family business carpentry and joinery founded by her grandfather in 1890.

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