“Happiness consists more in the small conveniences of pleasures that occur every day, than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom to a man in the course of his life”, said Benjamin Franklin. So it is likely that happiness will find us at home, if we do our part to have a happy home …

The Danes use a word, “hygge”, difficult to translate, which means something like “happy people in a cozy home”. Hygge does not refer to a particular style of decoration, but to an attitude in and towards our house. To understand it, think of this: in the catalogs of the Swedish decoration giant, what exactly do you like: the furniture or the cozy staging, where we always see people enjoying their home?

Every happy home has a ‘hyggekrog’, a cozy area like this, with two Hilton armchairs. Via: El Mueble

Here are the hygge keys for a happy home:

  1. Make decoration important to you and your family. It is no coincidence that the Danes have exported to the world their style of decoration and their concept “hygge”. Although not all scandinavian homes are like those we see in magazines or catalogs, most families put a lot of interest in interior design and feel proud of their houses.
  1. Teach children to respect the home. We can not prevent children from being children and having toys, stories and a lot of things not always ordered. No problem while all that mess is left in their space and they do not conquer the whole house. A Swedish friend told me that she does not understand why many people fill the entire living room with toys. And she told me that she is even more surprised when this people say “This is a Nordic habit” … “In Sweden we try to teach our children that they should respect the home and the spaces of adults.”

Maximize natural light. Via: ELLE Decor.

  1. Maximize daylight. A bright house lift our mood. However, the Danes only have four sunshine hours per day during the winter. The trick? Maximize natural light as much as possible. The Scandinavian interior design, always luminous, rests on colors such as off-white or sand, that are warm whites, not too cold or gray. You can also use strategically placed mirrors, to maximize the views of a window or to put light into a dark corner.
  1. Pamper the little details. Since it’s the little details that make us happy, a happy home does not need to be a mansion. On the contrary, too much luxury does not help to “hygge”. Make the most of your house and take care of the details. If you don´t have a fireplace, use candles, a classic of the Scandinavian decor, because they fill the house with magic. Good music, warm light, fragrances for the home… Pamper your home and your home will pamper you.
  1. Make it green. Those with a green thumb surely have a lot of plants at home. If you do not have a green thumb, do not give up: try succulents or plants like ficus. And if your hand is black instead of green… fresh flowers are your thing. In any case, a little greenery makes a happy home and lift your mood.

Plants and flowers lift the mood. Chairs and footrests are by Blasco & Blasco. Via: Nuevo Estilo

Next week we´ll continue with more keys for a happy home.