Decorate the bathroom as if it were a “living room”, might seem extravagant but it provides extra comfort and its effect is always “wow”…

The bookcase under the bathtub, the carpet and the Blasco & Blasco armchair achieve that effect “living room” in this bathroom decorated by Leticia Martín. Via: El Mueble.

Bathrooms are often small and receive very little decorative attention. However, this is changing because bathrooms are gaining in importance. If the desire of many people is to have a spa bathroom, which is certainly something great, we want to go one step further and look at a trend that seems to be recurring more and more: decorate the bathroom as if it were a living room.

The idea is to turn our bathroom into a small sanctuary. An “exclusive and personal” space where, in addition to cleanse us, we can dress comfortably, enjoy a home-manicure or relax while filling the bath.

A vintage leather armchair enhances the “living room” effect in this bathroom. Via: Elle Decor

Of course, it is a luxury to have such a large bathroom as we see in some photos. But even if you do not have lots of room, you can put in an occasional chair or a small bench. This way you will increase many points the “sanctuary” level of your bathroom.

Without being too large, this rustic style bathroom is decorated like a real “living room”, with rugs, art, curtains and a vintage armchair. Via: Higgings Architect

From a decorative point of view,, the idea of ​​decontextualizing the upholstered furniture works very well placing it in a bathroom. A chair, armchair or chaise longue (even a sofa if there is enough room) will immediately increase the decorative “temperature” of the bathroom, which is usually a cold room full of tiles, marble, steel and mirrors.

Decontextualize a piece of furniture creates a great effect: Here, a bergère chair adds interest to this bathroom. Also makes its function of leaving clothes or towels. Thanks to the garden stool it has a support surface. Via: One Kings Lane

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you want to decorate the bathroom placing upholstered furniture in it:

– For upholstered pieces you can choose “outdoor” fabrics, which resist moisture without problems. Recently the options of this type of fabric have multiplied, so you can find exterior fabrics with designs as beautiful as fabics used for interior decorating and very similar textures.

 This bathroom is decorated with furniture you wouldn´t relate to this space: an oriental cabinet, a chandelier and a small chaise longue with quilted upholstery. Via: House Beautiful

 – Another good option is linen fabric. It accepts moisture very well and has antibacterial properties, making it ideal for bathrooms.

– The covers are an excellent option, as they can be washed and dried well when needed.

– Bathrooms are generally not large, so be sure to measure the space and any piece that you are going to buy.

– If you have room but not much, look for straight pieces without or with narrow arms.

A chair with cover serves as seating in this dressing area and because of its size fits under. Via: Houzz

A small bench, like this one from Blasco & Blasco, is enough to elevate the design scheme of this bathroom. Via: Nuevo Estilo

This bathroom is decorated with a velvet armchair with footrest, carpets, art and ceiling lamps. Via: Elle Decor