Home decor fabrics are decisive in interior design; So much so that a fabric can enhance or ruin any room. When choosing, we must consider three things: type of fabric, pattern and color. These three characteristics have to work together, as a team. If we fail at one point, we’ll lose the game. If you need inspiration and some help to choose home decor fabrics, here you will find everything you need to know about the latest trends, point by point.

telasdecoracion1Different upholstery fabrics, cushions and curtains working perfectly in this room decorated by Melian Randolph Studio. Via: Nuevo Estilo

The type of fabric: First of all, the quality is always trendy. Be sure to choose home decor fabrics suitable for your purpose and in line with your expectations beyond the short term (you can check this post with tips for recognizing the quality of a fabric).

When in doubt, always look for natural fabrics. More specifically, linen, which has become a must in interior design. Decorators choose it for its freshness, lightness and, above all, its versatility: linen refreshes the more traditional decorations, updates the classic ones, or adds a welcoming touch to the most industrial decorations. This fabric can be used without fear in curtains, cushions, upholstery, bedding…

telasnaturalesNatural fabrics are always a safe bet. Armchairs with linen covers by Blasco & Blasco.

There is another very important aspect in the type of fabric: the texture. And it has become the star of the seasson. The texture adds volume, dimension, nuances… Thick knitted, jacquard damasked, sack fabric, faux leather, different combinations of natural fibers… There are many possibilities.  It is no longer a question of adding for no reason, but keep it in mind because texture gives you a lot of scope in your decor choices.

telastexturaExample of highly textured fabric by B&B Collection.

Color: According to Pantone, colors of the year are Rose Quartz & Serenity Blue, two pastel colours able to add a warm touch even in an industrial-style room.

telaslinorosaTwo fabrics by B&B Collection with the Pantone colors of the year.

Apart from Mr. Pantone opinion, indigo is now the King. This color works beautifully in all kind of fabrics, from gentle linen to vigorous denim. Feel free to incorporate it in both the plain color and the ethnic prints like batik or shibori, in large upholstered furniture, curtains, cushions…

telasindigoIndigo can be used in large furniture upholstery, as these sofas by Blasco & Blasco. Interior design by Beatriz Silveira. Via: Nuevo Estilo

The patterns: Patterns should provide excitement and have something to say. So now look for geometric and retro prints or tropical designs. But always keep in mind the scale, do not choose very big prints for a small space or small furniture, and vice versa.

Home decor fabrics by B&B CollectionThis geometric pattern by B&B Collection fits perfectly with the size of the armchair.

If you want a trendy “new bohemian” house, ethnic prints are yout best choice. These fabrics tell a story about their origins and people who weave them. They bring to your home their emotional and rich colors: red, blue and yellow. Just a cushion or plaid made of one of these patterns can turn a neutral room in a surprising space.

telatejidoetnicoTwo ethnic fabrics: an ikat cushion and a plaid made of Istambul fabric by B&B Collection. Interior design by Andina & Tapia. Via: Nuevo Estilo

Cushions, plaids, curtains can give character and personality to any room…