In a previous post we started this series on major international decorators that have led sofas, chairs and other furniture with linen covers to the High Decoration, starting with Axel Vervoordt, of course. Now is the turn of two more interior designers with very, very different styles, but they could be exchanged their sofas with almost no notice…

3. Vincent Van Duysen

No one has dethroned the King Vervoordt, but Van Duysen is like the prince of Belgian interior design. “Axl Vervoordt is my colleague and friend,” says the architect and decorator.

fundasdelino8Photo: Stijn Rolies

About his own style, Van Duysen explains: “Belgians, and especially Flemish people, have aesthetics in our DNA. We inherited much from the past, we have great painters and a long tradition of craftsmanship: linens, carpets, wooden furniture goods, and love for earth tones”.

fundasdelino9Photo: Martyn Thompson

Van Duysen is one of those architects who cares not only about the “continent”, but also he is interested in what he calls “The art of living”. His purists and tactile interiors, where there is never a lack of sofas with linen covers and other similar pieces, respect the environment and tradition, and give priority to functionality, durability and comfort.

fundasdelino10Photo: Koen Van Damme

To see more of the style of Vincent Van Duysen visit their website. Or find the book “Vincent Van Duysen: Complete Works” on Amazon.

fundasdelino11Photo: Juan Rodríguez

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Curiosity: This architect is as capable of designing a home, such as making pottery or designing Swarovski crystal chandeliers.

 4. Kay Douglass

A house decorated by Douglass started the passion for the Belgian interior design in the US when it was published by House Beautiful magazine in 2007, with the headline “Belgian Style in an American Home” and the subtitle “Belgian style is taking decorating by storm”. And just for that, she deserves a place here.


Kay Douglass defines her style as follows: “I like clean lines, and I’m influenced by European inspired sofas and armchairs, that I mix with touches of unexpected color. The scale is my priority when I design a space and then I seek to include something extraordinary”.


Her projects always includes sofas and armchairs with linen covers, that she herself designs and markets, together with antique furniture she finds throughout Europe.

fundasdelino14Check out the website South of Market to discover her style.

Curiosity: Kay Douglass started redecorating rooms in the homes of friends. Then her fame spread by word of mouth.

fundasdelino15Photos: House Beautiful