This family getaway with a mediterranean decor is located in Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Andalucía. The house has been designed to be enjoyed to the fullest on holidays, when the owners welcome family and friends here. And after its renovation, we suppose that it will always be full, because it has become the perfect place for a wonderful vacation.

The person in charge of giving the house its current image has been the interior designer Belén Ferrándiz. Her clients had a clear vision for their family getaway: a spacious social area to enjoy with friends, open spaces and a bright and casual mediterranean decor, inspired in Ibiza.

In all the house the use of natural materials as wood and natural fibers is repeated. An example of this are the two blue sofas with linen covers, by Blasco. Also the hemp rug, from the same firm, or the two wooden coffee tables from Batavia.

This living area connects with the dining room. Birdie armchairs by Blasco, with fabric by James Malone. As in other areas of the house, “esparteras” were placed on the windows, a traditional solution from southern Spain that allows air to pass through but not heat.

mediterranean glamourIn this living area, bamboo furniture is the protagonist. Made of this material are the pair of Slou armchairs, which are completed with another seating piece and two auxiliary tables also made of bamboo  The sofa is a Blasco model with a linen cover, fabric that has also been chosen for the curtains at the back.