Axel Vervoordt introduced to the word the sofas and armchairs with Belgian linen covers a few decades ago. Since then they are present in homes around the world and many great decorators have incorporated linen covers into their DNA (some have even launched their own collections of furniture with covers).

fundasdelino1Photo: Briggs Edward Solomon

These sofas, chairs, ottomans and chaise longues dressed with linen are reinterpretations of traditional European designs such as shelter or camelback sofas. Comfortable and luxurious at the same time, these pieces are recognized by its low and deep seats, usually with a single mattress in the case of the sofas, and its narrow arms, normally rounded or curved. Linen covers on these simple and elegant designs achieve what is so difficult: to be sophisticated without wanting to.

We have selected several great interior designers who work arround the world, and despite having very different styles all them share a clear preference for sofas and armchairs with linen covers. We started by two of the most renowned decorators:

1. Axel Vervoordt

At first… it was Axel Verwoordt. We can not say he invented the Belgian style or the sofas with linen covers, but he is the most recognizable name and the responsible for the success of Belgian interior design, even if some people have trouble locating this small country in a map.


Besides converting sofas with linen covers into objects of desire, Verwoordt defined the keys Belgian interior design: untreated wood, organic materials, natural walls, gray and other earthy colors… And he added to all this his wabi sabi philosophy.


To learn more about his work, visit the website of this great gallerist, antiquarian and decorator. And if you want to get their wonderfull books, find them on Amazon.


Curiosity: You can find sofas with linen cover by Verdvoordt in the houses he designed for Sting, Kim Kardashian, Robert de Niro or Bill Gates.


2. Briggs Edward Solomon

The Miami based interior designer Briggs Solomon is famous for his clean and polished style, his very refined taste and his black and white decors. The Belgian influence on his style is evident, especially in the furniture with linen cover, many pieces designed by himself, in neutral colors or white almost always.

linen covers

His decoration study operates under the name of Briggs Edward Solomon. His clients include a long list of film, music or sports strars. If you want to know their jobs, follow him on Instagram, where you can also see his work as a painter.


Curiosity: You can make an offer (or just take a look) by “The Beach House”, a Miami villa decorated by Briggs Edward Solomon Study, on sale now for more than 14 million dolars.

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Next week, we will continue with this series on the great interior designers who led sofas and other pieces with linen covers to the High Decoration.