Can we have a modern and practical home, that retains its original identity? Yes, we can !!!! How should we decorate it?

In the living room, a  Blasco & Blasco vintage sofa, upholstered  in a blue velvet, is the focal point. Jim Lee´s photography is from Moriarty Gallery. The nordic coffee table was bought in La Europea.

If you want a contemporary decor with a retro touch, look at the work that Serafina Estudio, directed by María Morenés, has done in this house. They have retained the structural elements that were worthwhile (restoring them when necessary) and have renovated those that required it.

Elements of different styles coexist in harmony multiplying the interest of the decoration. A rustic bench, with a Fase working lamp purchased in Gancemanía, harmonizes with two red Italian armchairs coming from Miguel Arcas Antiquities.

The interior has a contemporary decor with a retro touch, mixing antique and new elements. The formula? Family furniture + retro pieces + new elements + a good collection of contemporary photographs by artists such as Alberto García Alix or Chema Madoz. Here everything goes in favor of style!

In the dining room, the table and English chairs are pieces of family heritage. The white lacquered shelf is custom-made.

Via: Nuevo Estilo