The elegant interiors of this house in a Madrid luxury neighborhood have been the result of the joint work of two women: an architect, Cristina Miguelena, and an interior designer, María Santos. Before, the apartment was very different, dark and outdated, until its current owners gave these two professionals carte blanche for the renovation.

elegant interiorsThe living room includes two twin sofas from Blasco, model Piet with white linen covers from the same firm. The carpet is from BSB.

Game in black and white: The art wall features old engravings from Anmoder. The two black lacquered coffee tables are from the same shop.

In the entry a round table from María Santos Studio occupies the center of the space.

In the dining room Plinto table from Meridiani. The dining chairs are from Blasco. The custom-made brass bench has been designed by María Santos Studio.

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