If you think shabby chic looks ramshackle and the Scandinavian style a little bit corny… surely you will find the Belgian interior design has that “charm” you are looking for your home.

estilo-decoracion1Via: Alexandra Siebelink

Actually, although it is referred to as the “Belgian Style” it is better described as “Flemish Style”, because this style of decoration is typical of Flanders, a european historical region extending among France, Belgium and Holland.

Flemish people decorate their homes without complications, with a comfortable and very elegant style. TBelgian interior design has crossed borders. The key of their success is an instinctive talent to mix traditional and contemporary, rustic and sophisticated.

estilo-decoracion2Via: Detail Collective. Decoration: Vincent Van Duysen

If you want to bring the Belgian interior design to your home, you can follow these general guidelines:

Balance: If you look at the pictures, you will see that every room share a mix of worn and polished finishes, of light and dark elements, antiques and contemporary pieces, rough walls and soft tissues …

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Neutral. Choose soft colors like beige, taupe and the entire palette of gray for walls, fabrics, accessories … To look cozy and not sad, you need to play skillfully with points of light.

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Don’t use bold and bright colors, but maintaining this neutral palette you can then incorporate touches of contras with prints, paintings…

With a limited palette, you can add depth with the textures of fabrics, walls, furniture… The texture is in natural fibers such as linen, wicker or sisal, in the wood, in crude metals… The elements with patina are a plus, as a bit of chipped paint or a touch of rust.

estilo-decoracion5Via: H2 Design + Build

Old and new. For example, exposing contemporary elements such as stainless steel pipe with an old table and chairs inherited from your grandmother.

estilo-decoracion6Via: Devol Kitchens

Next week, we will finish viewing the keys of Belgian interior design. Sure you are already thinking about some changes at home…