After a few years of gray reigning supreme our homes, beige has been again crowned the king of neutrals. So a beige sofa is a sure hit. Or almost sure, because the greatest risk of choosing this color is… boredom.

But with the right decorative elements and an intelligent use of color in the room, a beige sofa never result boring.


Beige with blue. This color scheme brings serenity. Beige matches with all shades of blue: peacock turquoise, inky blue, denim, navy… In this living room, the color scheme chosen by decorator Rafael Sitges is based on beige (predominantly), light blue (as the Juliette armchaires from Blasco & Blasco) and black in small doses (as the ottomans from Anmoder). This scheme is present in Salvador Molto´s landscape that dominates the room you could check here.


Beige with bright colors. A beige base allows incorporate bold and trendy colors as yellow and blue. Living Pink Studio fill with energy this living room pairing a beige sofa with two yellow armchaires from the 1950´s, found in Ramón Portuondo, and small touches of blue. The beige walls and the carpet bring harmony to the whole room.


Beige with other neutrals. An always elegant option. Here, the beige sofa by Blasco & Blasco harmonizes with gray, taupe and earth tones, achieving a very cool and organic look. Luisa Olazábal has boosted it adding natural elements such as the wood mirror, the coral or the sisal carpet, in contrast with the red console.


Breaking schemes. Beige combines both the warmth of brown and the freshness of white. So is a “docile” color very friendly with other colors. Melián Randolph Study dominates the use of color and how to break clichés. Here, two beige sofás by Blasco & Blasco with green velvet cushions match with fabrics in light blue, lime and purple tones, and with a powerful Patricio Cabrera´s painting.

Definitely a beige sofa is a chameleon in decoration.