The decoration of this poolside porch has been inspired by the blue and white beach boxes, typical of San Sebastian or Biarritz, where exactly is this house.

bybcollection1Sofas from Blasco & Blasco with outdoor fabric.

The beautiful two-coloured combination is repeated around the porch. Blue chosen is lighter than the typical dark blue of the beach boxes. It is a turquoise, a color taken from the pool, that gives to the ambiance a plus of brightness and freshness.

bybcollection2Hammock  from Kanaima. Cofee Table from Taller de las Indias.

The decorative elements, as ethnic pieces and print cushions, add the sophisticated touch. Sofas, fabrics and furniture are arranged to enjoy the porch all year long, not just in summer, so the space has an outdoor fireplace.

bybcollection3Outdoor fireplace from Lumbre.

The porch has been decorated by Estudio Melian Randolph.


Found on Nuevo Estilo.