White walls and floors to enhance the light. Color on the furniture and accessories. This is the house of the Interior Designer Marta de la Rica. With her unique style, she gets a vintage decor in the living room, giving it at the same time a modern look.

Vintage decor. Basco & Blasco sofa.St. Germain sofa from Blasco & Blasco.

The living room is filled with natural light thanks to several balconies. The iron structure designed by Marta divides the space and allows to create a workspace behind.

bybcollectionvintage2Wooden chairs from LA Studio. Ceramic sculpture from Clara Graziolino (Jon Urgoiti).

From the desk you can see the rest of the living room and at the bottom the kitchen. A complete reform was made respecting the charm of the house, which is in a 1905 building.

bybcollectionvintage3Red leather chair from Modernario. Desk from Anmoder.

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