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The ideal bedroom | Casa Decor 2016

"Sweet Suit Living": that is how Beatriz Silveira has named this suite presented at Casa Decor 2016 in Madrid, what might be considered as the ideal bedroom. The suite features a seating area, bedroom and bathroom. Sophisticated and comfortable, these three spaces are enriched, in the first place, with furniture [...]

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How to Choose the Best Fabric for Sofa Covers

The first thing you should know in order to choose a fabric for sofa covers (or upholstery) is its degree of abrasion resistance, in other words, the resistance to the erosion we produce every time we sit on it. It´s measured with the Martindale Test and its result is expressed [...]

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Sofas and Armchairs in Celebrity Homes

All these holiday and weekend houses belong to American stars. Many of us only can dream of houses like these, but all of them are truly inspiring. And we can discover new ideas. Note that they all share something: sofas and armchairs with linen covers. Vince Camuto's Jazz Age Manor [...]

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Sofa Covers: 5 Things to Take into Account

All you need to know before buying sofa covers or ordering a new sofa: Its role in the decor. The perception of sofa covers has changed drastically. No longer are chosen by a mere functional reason, but are a clear choice of style that marks the decor. If you look in [...]

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