The owner of this family home is a businesswoman. One of her duties is to coordinate the interior design of her chain of restaurants. It took two years to find this 1970’s house in Madrid and she fell in love at first sight. Years later, the whole family gathers here on weekends and dinners are often organized with friends. Of course, children are free to play around the house and  the garden, a project by the landscaper María Medina.

family homeBeautiful but family-friendly. Pablo Gómez Zuloaga helped the owner with the renovation of her family home. He suggested to  ​​divide the living room into two seating areas. Two Brigitte sofas from Blasco covered with white linen covers make for an inviting seating area by the living room fireplace. An old map of Italy from Berenis hang on the wall. The bench at the back of the sofa is from the same shop.

Symmetry of all the elements, both decorative and architectural, in the entry of the second seating area. Two family-inherited chests of drawers are paired with two mirrors from Marita Segovia. Antiques acquired by the owner in “debalages” in France, such as the pair of chandeliers from the 17th century, add another layer of the desired personality.

The bold living room features a mosaic of Portuguese tiles from the 17th century. On the wooden table found in Slou, collection of oriental vessels. The chairs were upholstered with grain sack cloth. The lamps were found by the owner on a trip to Tangier.

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