60s decor inspiration in the 21st century: that is what we find when crossing the front door of this Madrid apartment. Recovering several original elements of that decade that had been kept in the house, the new interior design has added others to bring each room to the present. Thus, depending on the areas, new moldings were introduced on the ceilings, wooden paneling or different designs in black and white marble. The decor, commissioned by Jean Porsche, is based on the fearless use of colors and a combination of family pieces and other design pieces from several decades of the last century.

60s decor inspirationThe living room features a work of Joan Miró that hangs over the fireplace. The two blue velvet sofas are the Arlés model, a design by the Blasco company. The table is made of glass and brass, and was found at El Transformista. The sculpture is a work by Jose Dávila.

On the dining table, a series of molds for displaying gloves that were bought at the flea market in Paris. The heritage chairs have been reupholstered with a fabric with geometric motifs and a retro aesthetic. The same aesthetic evoked by Geebird & Bamby’s photography hanging on the wall.

The sconces at the entrance date from the 60s and are original to the house. They are accompanied by an oil painting by Luis Feito. The marble floor has a black and white zig zag pattern, which highlights the French table from the 1930s and the base with a sculpture by Rafael Canogar.

In the kitchen, much more sober than the rest of the house, the game of black and white on the floors is repeated. The countertops are white marble, which extends into some walls. The same attention has been paid here as in the rest of the house to the ceilings, which also have moldings; the walls, and the baseboards.

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