The sofa is the most visible piece and one of the largest investments of a living room. Of course, you should fall in love with your sofa, but also you should have a long and happy life together… On the basis of there are no fixed rules in interior design, in this post we suggest you five upholstery fabric colors to choose if you are looking for a versatile sofa that resists changes of trends, decorations, seasons, home, even changes of mind… A faithful companion that allows you to change the decor every time you want.

Upholstery fabric colors

White: Of course, there is life beyond this color. But white is definitely the most timeless of all colors and gives unlimited possibilities to match any other color in armchairs, cushions, carpets…

If you want a white sofá, better be with washable covers. Accept that you will have to wash them approximately once a month (even more often). Contrary to popular belief, white covers can be the best option living with children and pets, because choosing the right fabric, the covers can be machine washed.

funda_sofa_blanca_blascoInterior Designer Luisa Olázabal chose two white sofas Odeon by Blasco & Blasco with white covers.

fundas_sofas_2Living room of American interior designer Vanessa Alexander. Via: Savvy Home

Gray: This color has many personalities and that’s the key to their success in interior design for several decades. Light gray is the most easily combinable option and, as your grandmother would say, camouflages stains. The light gray is a very “wabi sabi” color. It’s easy to see it on Pinterest surrounded by natural wood furniture and scuffed walls, but also makes very good match with bright colors, as a counterweight.

funda_sofa_blasco3Louvre sofa in the Blasco & Blasco showroom.

funda_sofa_lino_gris4A grey linen sofa in a wabi sabi salon. Via: Lia Leuk Interieur Advies

Cream colors: They are those colors between white and yellow, known by many names: beige, old white, ivory… This colors are similar to the color of the wool or silk before being bleached. Cream colors are another great option.  Their adaptability is perfect if you like to restyle the decoration changing objects and accessories. They make a great couple (even better than white) with black, and a lot of diferent colors and patterns.

funda_sofa_crudo_blasco5Sofa Kennedy in cream color by Blasco & Blasco. Project by Estudio Melián Randolph. Via: Nuevo Estilo

funda_sofa_crudo6American interior designer Amber Lewis adds a bunch of color with ethnic fabrics on this cream sofa. Photos: Tessa Neustadt. Via: My Domaine

Aqua: Watery colors are blue and green in its neutral versions (mixed with gray). These tones are associated with nature, they are easily combined and add color without saturating the room.

funda_sofa_blasco_verde_agua7Marta de la Rica chose this Brigitte sofa covered with a light green hemp fabric by B&B Collection.

upholstery fabric colorsIn this living room, decorated by Beatriz Silveira, an oversized sofa by Blasco & Blasco   is covered by an aqua cover. Via: Nuevo Estilo

Natural linen. Although is not a color, natural linen deserves a prominent place in this list about upholstery fabric colors. With its unique tone and texture, a sofa upholstered with natural linen combines with all colors and home styles: transitional, contemporary, shabby chic, minimalist…

funda_sofa_lino9A modular sofa in natural linen in a New York apartment decorated by por Chango & Co.

funda_sofa_lino_natural10In this house near Sydney, stylist Pamela Makin chose a sofa in natural linen with a simple structure. Via: Homes to love