A white sofa is a safe bet. But the difference between safe and bland can be very fine. Give life to the sofa with the right environment and fantastic pillow combinations. To inspire you, we found 10 great examples to dress up a white sofá.

whitesofa1Multicolor and ethnic This straightforward white sofa has received an injection of personality. The recipe for success is the sum of different ethnic fabrics. The cushions have been made with Afghan kilim, injiri (Indian cotton fabric) and Thai batik. This is a Veneer Designs project in California with a stunning style: an organic review of the style of the fifties. Photo: Veneer Designs

whitesofa2Contrast: black + orange This living room of a beach house in Cádiz has a natural and relaxed decoration, based on the neutral tones tinted with black and oranges touches. The summary of this style can be seen on the white sofa (Louvre by Blasco & Blasco in Country fabric). Interior designer Bárbara Maldonado dress it up with a symmetrical combination of pillows playing with colors of the room. The armchairs (Blasco & Blasco) are upholstered with a black and white Nobilis fabric. Photo: Nuevo Estilo

whitesofa3Fresh: blue + green “Modern-vintage with a twist”: this is how Deborah Rhein, the decorator of this living room, defines her style. Cushions on the white sofa have been made with Turkish silk ikats and African vintage fabrics, which achieve a luxurious and casual effect at the same time, adding interest to the room with their prints. Photo: D.L. Rhein

whitesofa4Elegant and sober: taupe tones Luisa Olazábal created this relaxed and natural living room where dominate the wood in the showcase, the natural fibers and the linen. She chose a white sofa model Odeón by Blasco & Blasco with linen cover. In line with the aesthetics of the living room, Olazábal dressed it with white and taupe cushions, mixing plain and patterned. The red console brings the right touch of surprise. Photo: Luisa Olazábal

whitesofa5Brilliant: purple and blue The white linen sofa is a good counterweight to all the brilliant finishes in this living room designed by Jenn Feldman Designs. It makes a perfect pair with the silk and velvet cushions, plain and printed, with colors ranging from mauve to purple to blue. Photo: Jenn Feldman

whitesofa6Classic: black and white Interior designer María Ruiz Mateos chose a white sofa with linen cover model Odeón by Blasco & Blasco, for this living room in a house in Madrid. White dominates the space, with touches of black or dark gray, as in the bookcase. A simple plaid and a cushion on the sofa repeat this bicolor scheme. Less is more… Photo: Nuevo Estilo

whitesofa7Serene blue Brooke Giannetti gave this magnificent house a clear Belgian style combining European antiques with industrial touches. In this living room much of the furniture comes from her own signature, Giannetti Home, such as the white sofa, the ottoman and the blue armchair in linen. This blue is repeated in the ethnic inspired cushions on the sofa. Photo: Giannetti Home

whitesofa8Three-coloured combination: blue + pink + mustard When the white colour predominates (on walls, curtains, carpet and upholstery) cushions can give the touch of necessary color. This was done by the Interior designer Beatriz Silveira, who animated this large white sofa with linen cover by Blasco & Blasco combining cushions of various colors with others with a discrete print. Photo: Casa Decor

whitesofa9Natural: Earth tones The off-white sofa with cushions made of old kilims attracts attention in this neutral background living room which is a cocktail of bohemian, rustic and modern elements. This family home, a typical Spanish-style villa in Hollywood, was decorated by Interior designer Katie Hodges. Photo: Katie Hodges

white sofaColorful: roses + blue The antiquarian Anouk de Gruyter has dressed this white sofa with linen cover, model Brigitte by Blasco & Blasco in 3 metres wide. She has chosen a stunning combination of indigo and pink cushions, in different sizes, all of them made of batik fabric, typical from Thailand and Vietnam. Photo: Anouk de Gruyter

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