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Fresh Decor for the whole year

This living room shows a fresh decor that works perfectly throughout the year, from spring to winter. Behind the project: Victoria and Sylvia Melián, two sisters, master interior designers, who have been working together since 2006 under the label Melián Randolph.

As in all their projects, in this living room they have shown great personality, audacity and a unique chic touch. The result is a fresh decor based on the sum of different elements. This gorgeous mix is fruit of a laborious previous project and a special talent to harmonize all the elements.

A large rug anchors the living area which features two Kennedy sofas by Blasco & Blasco, with green velvet cushions. The area is completed with two steel poufs, designed by Sylvia Melián. and two garden chairs of the 50s found in Youtopia.

fresh decorIn the living room there are many vegetable motifs that contribute to a fresh decoration: photographs, green moss velvet, natural flowers, antique garden chairs and, especially, the great oil painting by Patricio Cabrera. 

A Liberty chaise longue by Blasco & Blasco has been placed between the living and the dining area. The back wall has been highlighted with an anthracite gray color. The touches of green energize the black and white scheme. The dining chairs are from Miss in Demeure.

This living room appeared on the cover of Nuevo Estilo Magazine in 2012, but its fresh decor continues to be trendy.


Decorating with antiques a modern apartment

After its renovation, this modern apartment should become the perfect backdrop for a decoration with antiques, as the owners had a collection of old paintings, sculptures and tapestries.

A mobile sculpture in iron, by José Onieva, leads to a second living area. In the foreground, a sofa with covers made with a Serendipity Fabrics linen. Behind, an antique chaise longue and a Belgian tapestry from the 17th century. In charge of this project has been María de la Osa.

The large windows are dressed with linen blinds that let the light through. The pair of identical sofas are from Blasco & Blasco. The flowerpots were acquired at an auction and the Persian carpet is a piece of family heritage.

Painting by Jordi Alcaraz acquired in Anmoder. The legacy armchair has been re-upholstered with an animal print fabric. Modern architecture enhances the decor with antiques as this two interesting Carlos III consoles.

More photos by clicking aquí.

Sophisticated but simple decoration

In one of the most representative streets of Barcelona’s Eixample we find this stately apartment, whose renovation was commissioned by Circular Studio.

The sophisticated but simple decoration reflects many of the wabisabi principles, like natural woods, few but chosen decorative elements, earth colors, natural fabrics… all combined with a great selection of iconic furniture and accessories from the 20th century design.

In the living room, a pair of Brigitte sofás from Blasco & Blasco, both with linen covers. Neutral tones dominate the decoration with touches in black. Alanda coffee table is a design by Paolo Piva. Carpets by Nani Marquina.

In this working área, also with a simple decoration but full of interest, highlights a BKF chair (or Butterfly chair). Throughout the house we can see a wonderfull collection of designer chairs.

In this angle of the living room, we can see the care taken in the selection of lamps. On the wall two lamps 265 designed by Paolo Rizzatto for Flos. On the sides of the sofa, Cesta lamp on the table and TMM floor lamp, both by Miguel Milá, edited by Santa & Cole.

In the living room, another icon of modern design. Lounge Chair with matching Ottoman, a creation of Charles and Ray Eames in the 50’s, manufactured by Vitra.

Photos: Eugeni Pons



Natural decor in Marrakech

This Marrakesh home, inspired by the traditional country houses in this area of ​​Morocco, combines tradition and comfort, with a very sophisticated result. Its luminous and natural decor is the work of Spanish interior designer Victoria Melián, from Estudio Melián Randolph.. Her project filled the house with color, always in soft tones, and provided it with comfortable furniture. Victoria Also included materials and crafts of the area.

The house is brand new and has been based on traditional Moroccan architecture. In the backyard porch, in front the pool, Point and Métiers d’Hier furniture. The green wooden pergola is designed by Victoria Melián.

Almost every room in the house has a fireplace. In the living room, Blasco & Blasco sofa and armchairs. On the wall, photograph by Hassan Hajjaj, in Larache Gallery.

natural decorA lot of sunlight and a natural decor are behind the success of this house. In the living area, African table by Lorenzo Queipo de Llano and sofas  by Blasco & Blasco.

All ceilings are different. In this room, the turquoise in the ceiling is repeated in furniture and complements. Tables from Ziya Designs. Bamboo chair, Objetology. Rug, Berbería.

In the master bedroom, the canopy has been made with a carpet by Berberia. Fireplace of tadelakt, a surface very bright and resistant made from lime plaster. All these elements achieve the comfortable, bright and natural decor that the owners wished.

Luminous Decor in the North of Spain

To receive the spring we have chosen the living room, dining room and porch of a house in Gijón (Asturias), decorated by the interior designerRafael Sitges, founder of Et In Arcadia Ego Study.

The house seems like it has been there for a long time, but actually it´s a brand new villa. The key lies in a balanced and luminous decor, the use of soft tones and the coexistence of pieces of various styles.

Three large Windows, with white wooden blinds and courtains, create a link with the garden. Artwork by Pablo Fernández Pujol.

luminous decorOutdoors is present in the living room and helps to enhance the luminous decor. Blasco & Blasco armchairs are upholstered in linen. The dragon head is a Chinese sculpture from the 18th-century.

Furniture was chosen in pairs, such as the Anmoder lamps, the side tables, and the two pairs of Blasco & Blasco Juliette armchairs. A contemporary Salvador Moltó painting hangs in the wall.

On the covered porch, lamps, tables and sofas were also chosen in pairs to achieve a perfect balance. On the sofas have been placed cushions in linen and silk embroidered with marine animals.

luminous decorIn the dining room the designer paired an antique Chinese table with Louis XV chairs. In the corners, old tribal shields. The sunlight coming in through the window enhance the luminous decor.

Click here to see more about this house with a luminous decor.

A Green Living Room: Color of the Year

Why a green living room? Every year, Pantone selects a color to represent trends that mark our global culture. “Greenery” has been chosen as color of the year 2017.

According to Pantone experts, Greennery is Nature´s neutral… Green represents new beginnings, the rebirth of Nature. Greenery satisfies our desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, and provides the reassurance we yearn in these troubled times.

Interior Designer Marta de la Rica used all the shades of green to revitalize this Biarritz holiday home. The living room opens to the garden

How to decorate a green living room? Take a look at this house in Biarritz, decorated by Marta de la Rica, where green becomes the absolute protagonist, from the façade to the interior. This color works like a breath of fresh air in all rooms.

Green is a nice color both summer and winter. Light green chosen for the Blasco & Blasco sofa combines with other nuances of green in flooring and complements.

This green living room is like a greenhouse: The iron enclosure, the small fountain and several plants create a greenhouse atmosphere. The slipcovered sofa with a fabric by Serendipity Fabrics accentuates the pleasant atmosphere.

 In the dining area chairs are also covered with covers in different colors.

 In this green living room, black is used as a contrast in some elements, such as carpentry or some furniture.



Contemporary decor with a retro touch

Can we have a modern and practical home, that retains its original identity? Yes, we can !!!! How should we decorate it?

In the living room, a  Blasco & Blasco vintage sofa, upholstered  in a blue velvet, is the focal point. Jim Lee´s photography is from Moriarty Gallery. The nordic coffee table was bought in La Europea.

If you want a contemporary decor with a retro touch, look at the work that Serafina Estudio, directed by María Morenés, has done in this house. They have retained the structural elements that were worthwhile (restoring them when necessary) and have renovated those that required it.

Elements of different styles coexist in harmony multiplying the interest of the decoration. A rustic bench, with a Fase working lamp purchased in Gancemanía, harmonizes with two red Italian armchairs coming from Miguel Arcas Antiquities.

The interior has a contemporary decor with a retro touch, mixing antique and new elements. The formula? Family furniture + retro pieces + new elements + a good collection of contemporary photographs by artists such as Alberto García Alix or Chema Madoz. Here everything goes in favor of style!

In the dining room, the table and English chairs are pieces of family heritage. The white lacquered shelf is custom-made.

Via: Nuevo Estilo

Blasco & Blasco World: Living Room with an Elegant Décor

The “less is more” rule works perfectly on renovated houses like this one, where the original classic elements have been restored. Interior Designer María Ruiz-Mateos made a facelift to this Madrid house and gave it a new personality, according to its owners, who wanted an elegant décor.

elegant décorA sofa with linen cover model Odeon by Blasco & Blasco centers the living area. On the marble table, some candelabra from Berenis. The mobile sculpture and the screen are from Luis Puerta.

The new spaces, dominated by white with pops of black, share an elegant décor highlighting antiques, furniture from the twentieth century, contemporary art, timeless elements, natural fabrics…

mundoblasco&blasco2One magnolio tree and the coral give a natural touch. In the dining room, an Osborne & Little wallpaper. In the foreground, a Thai metal armchair.

elegant décor“Black and White”: The original bookcase was painted in gray. The Louis XVI chaise longue is from Lorenzo Castillo, and the stool from Anmoder. On the Nadia armchair by Blasco & Blasco, a blanket in a Nacho de la Vega fabric.

elegant décor Few and well selected elements help to create an elegant décor. In this area, Tailak Carpet and Maria Latova photography. At the entrance, Teresa de la Pisa sculpture.

Via: Nuevo Estilo

Blasco & Blasco World: A Bright and Natural Decor

This house with its white walls and floors adapt perfectly to a neutral decoration but is allied with natural wood to fill the spaces of warmth.

The chosen colors enhance the interior light, and the linen fabrics, almost omnipresent, provide comfort and naturalness. Finally, a few pieces of wonderful furniture and touches of blue and orange filled the whole house of vitality. The result is a bright and natural decor.

The decor is the work of the Interior Designer Maria Prado.


The fireplace is the focal point of the living room. In front the fireplace and around a big cofee table, is the seating area with an extra long sofa and a set of different armchairs. All pieces have been dressed with linen covers. Armchairs are Brigitte, Juliette and Jones models by Blasco & Blasco.


The protagonist in the living room is the extra long sofa chosen by the Interior Designer. It is the Odeon model by Blasco & Blasco, wearing a linen cover of the same company.


As throughout the house, natural wood is present in the dining room, as well as the linen covers, in this case covering the chairs. That way, all spaces share a natural decoration.


In this corner, an armchair called Loira by Blasco & Blasco and upholstered with Baleares linen by the same company, is placed next to an old table.

B&B Collection World: A unique hotel for many reasons

Eurostars Washington Irving: Next to the Alhambra, this five-star hotel has a fascinating history

Among the many artists of different nationalities who have fallen in love once with Spain, there is one that especially shines: the American writer Washington Irving. Well known worldwide for his book “Sleepy Hollow,”,in Spain Irving is first and foremost the author of “Tales of the Alhambra”, a fantasy novel inspired by the Granada legends, which became a bestseller in the nineteenth century.

In 1829 the young Irving came to Granada. The writer, who can be considered like an influential travel blogger of his time, stayed in two places: in the palace of the Alhambra and before in a nearby hotel. Today this hotel bears his name and has just been re-opened as a five-star hotel, part of the Eurostars hotel chain.

hoteleurostars1The hotel offers 63 rooms. In addition to Irving, many other artists stayed at this hotel, as painter Mariano Fortuny.

The Eurostars Washington Irving stands out for many reasons. The first one, hard to beat by any other hotel, is its location: on the grounds of the Alhambra. Moreover, the last renovation of the hotel has given it a fascinating personality. Now everything in it pays tribute to Washington Irving and his “Tales of the Alhambra”.

Eurostars Washington Irving HotelAmong the public areas of the hotel is remarkable the library. Here, first editions of “Tales of the Alhambra” are exhibited.

Keeping in mind, a very elegant, warm and inviting interior design, the hotel has been “themed”. In the library are exhibited first editions of “Tales of the Alhambra”, and in different rooms phrases and passages from the work of Irving are recreated. So, to stay at the hotel is to be impregnated with the Romanticism of the nineteenth century.

Eurostars Washington Irving HotelIn the 60s and 70s the hotel lived a golden age. Eurostars wants to relive it.

Definitely, the renovation has managed to shine the personal character of the hotel, marked by its cultural orientation, its location and its long history, that goes to the eighteenth century.

Blasco & Blasco has contributed to the project with armchairs and chairs Grey, a versatile model. We can see them, upholstered with different fabrics, in common areas such as the library, the restaurant and the piano bar.

Eurostars Washington Irving HotelThe hotel is really in a privileged location: the grounds of the Alhambra. It can be seen from the outside areas.

More info about the hotel: